Fort Laureldale Normal Event

Welcome to this week’s new and hot my first daddy scene and some more new older men showing off their stuff on camera for you all to see. The two daddies are as horny as all of the others around here and they are pretty happy to get to show off that they still got what it takes to put on a great show. So yeah, like the title says, the thing took place in Fort Laureldale and the guys are pretty excited to be the main stars. You can rest assured that they ended up putting on quite the superb little myfirstdaddy show for you all to see though, so let’s just get the action going and watch these two fucking all afternoon long shall we?

You can see that the bald guy with tattoos was the one to be in charge, while his curvy buddy was going to be on the receiving end. The two have been fuck buddies for a long time and they like to meet up and get down and dirty on the regular. Either way, sit back and watch the curvy guy blow the tattooed one off to make his dick nice and hard and after that, you can sit back and watch as that same guy gets to bend over. You can then see him enjoy the treatment as he gets to take it doggie style up the ass from his friend and the two end up having a dreamy time. We’ll return again next week as always with brand new and hot shows for you!


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