My First Daddy – Can Take It

Hey there again everyone. We know why you’re here and yes, there’s a new my first daddy scene to see in this afternoon update as always. The new gallery has some more horny old timers that want to get down and dirty with one another and they let you see everything that they got to do on camera as well for this afternoon too. Let’s sit back and watch as the pair is all set to have some hard core anal sex in this one and of course all of it for the cameras to capture and you ladies and gents to see. So yeah, sit back, grab a cold one and then watch the action unfold with these two myfirstdaddy lovers here for the whole afternoon once again!

Once the cameras roll and the show truly begins, you can see that the two old guys are all nice and ready to party and they are kissing and caressing passionately while they take each other’s clothes off. They also seem to be happy with just using the couch to play with one another too for this one. So yeah, take your time to enjoy seeing them doing some kinky foreplay with one another before anything else and then it’s off to the proper anal pound town for the bald guy here. Sit back and watch him taking it like a champ and on top of it, you can see him practicalyl beg the guy to go harder and faster in some places. Have fun with it!


Take a look at this daddy getting his ass hammered!