Driving Around

For this week’s new and fresh my first daddy scene we get really naughty. And of course you re going to see in just a little bit why too. The two hot older guys here are just amazing and you’ve gotten to see both of them in past scenes on separate occasions. But we learned that the two have a fantasy about getting to fuck in public and risk being caught so we did something about that. That’s how this amazingly juicy and hot scene came to be here at the myfirstdaddy and you can see that the two get to play in a car as it drives around. We didn’t want to just let them risk it in a park or something and this should be a thrilling fuck for both of them anyway!

So yeah, as you can clearly see, the two get to have their time to play in the back of this van. It drives around the place and we’re sure that some lucky people got a sneak peek at what was going on in there too and judging by their faces, they must have liked what they saw. Well either way, the two didn’t pay any mind to what was going outside of their little sex world this afternoon, so watch them blow one another and suck cock at the start of this scene here. Once they get each other hard and ready you can see them taking their time to fuck in motion and it’s just the best thing ever. Enjoy your stay and we’ll see you soon with more!


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