My First Daddy – Sir Phillip Is Back

Well hey there guys and welcome back once more. Since in these last few my first daddy scenes we had some guys in their twenties play with much older men, we decided to continue with that here this week as well. And in this scene you also get to see some S&M play too. Oh and the roles are probably going to surprise you as well. You see, it’s the older guy that likes to be the submissive one as the younger dude gets to order him around for the rest of this amazing action scene. So yeah, let’s sit back and relax as this myfirstdaddy scene begins and you can see the two guys having a go at one another today and fucking hard for you to see!


So yeah, that black leather couch gets to be used once more and while the guy sits naked on it stroking his big shaft, you can see the older guy making his entry wearing some nice and sexy leather belts and straps on him as his outfit. And well, it seems that that was enough to get the dom nice and hard. Well the old guy still wanted to suck that dick with a passion and make sure that it’s rock hard for his ass too. And once he’s done with that, check him out taking a ride on that meat pole for the rest of this superb scene. You know that you can always come and visit next week to see another new and fresh update, so we’ll be waiting for your return!

Watch here this daddy sucking off this guy’s dick!